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Detectors are the key to scientific experiments.

German fundamental research centers have started an initiative to use modern materials, new assembly techniques and ultra-fast communications technology for the next generation of detectors.

Future detectors will be demanding regarding resolution, number of channels, integration density, produced data rates and power consumption. The new generations of detectors require the combination of the most improved technologies in broad range of fields. A key role plays the 3D integration of readout logic and sensors as well as integrated electro-optical components.

This detectors with high spatial, time and energy resolution are essential to utilize fully the performance of the currently arising new facilities in fundamental research. But also applied research is in the focus of the initiative: similar detectors are also required by industry, medical and material sciences.



Heraeus-Seminar on Detector Technology

On May 23-25 2013 a seminar is organized on the topic "Development of High-Resolution Pixel Detectors and their Use in Science and Society". The seminar is part of the Heraeus-Seminars. These workshop-type meetings are designed to allow for scientific exchange within a rather informal framework. The subjects cover cutting-edge research in physics as well as in neighboring fields.


The website of the "Detector Technology and Systems Platform" has been started. It is intended to give an overview of the wide range of technologies and applications covered by the initiative. Find out about the partners in the initiative and get in contact.

Workshop on Non-Sensitive Materials in High Energy Physics

Future experiments at the Terascale demand "zero-material" tracking detectors with excellent space and energy resolution. Conversely, the increased complexity and granularity on inner tracking detectors impose strong requirements on powerful cooling and excellent structural rigidity. This challenging task can only be accomplished with tight collaboration between research institutes, academia and industry.

Kick-off Meeting

The "Detector Technology and Systems Platform" has been started with it's kick-off meeting in Karlsruhe, Feb 21.-22. 2012. The audience was completed by a number of international partners.

Starting signal for new detectors

The "Detector Technology and Systems Platform" has been accepted in the framework of the Helmholtz Associations's portfolio process. The platform will contribute to solve the the grand challenges of the today and the future. Detectors are considered as key technology for many fields.

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