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Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)
Dr. Fine Fiedler
Coordinator Cross-Disciplinary Applications

Email: f fiedler does-not-exist.hzdr de

Cross-Disciplinary Applications

The transfer of knowledge obtained inside the research field ‘Matter’ to other fields of science and to the society in the sense of mission of the Helmholtz Association is an important concern of the platform. Therefore, in addition to the three technical pillars a column dealing with cross cutting activities, participating in all centers and columns, was defined. The task of this column is to investigate the benefit for other scientific areas from the technologies developed in the high energy physics. This will be strived by intensifying the cooperation, communication and networking between the Departments of the Helmholtz Association. With the help of topical workshops the future requirements for detector technologies will be identified and quantified. This implies a systematic search for interdisciplinary cross-program collaboration opportunities between the Departments of the Helmholtz Association. Similarly, also cooperating with academic and industrial partners . The technical competences of the platform will be collected and be made visible in appropriate brochures, information sessions, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. Another objective is the secondary use of the results obtained in the platform into concrete products and patents. In all these activities the Technology Transfer departments of the centers will be actively involved.

Work Packages

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