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Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)
Prof. Dr. Heinz Graafsma
Coordinator Technologies

Email:  heinz graafsma does-not-exist.desy de

Technologies for Integrated Detectors

The mission of pillar one is to develop or to stimulate the development of technologies required to construct highly integrated and compact detector heads. This includes high-performance mixed-signal as well as 3D-ASICs for signal processing, high-Z and edgeless sensors, thru-silicon-vias (TSV), innovative construction materials (for reduced a materials budget) and advanced packaging. The vehicle to achieve these goals is the so-called Helmholtz Cube, which  can be optimized component-by-component, leaving the rest of the system unchanged.

Work Packages

Mixed Signal and 3D-ASICs
3D and High-Z Sensors
 Electronic Pack
Advanced Materials